Top 5 Best Small Kitchen Appliances for a Small Home

When I landed my first job all I wanted was a space of my own. So, I moved out of my pap’s home and rented an apartment of my own. But with a business work schedule and so much adapting to do, I found myself with limited time to fix breakfast leave alone a decent meal.

Because of this, I often had to cut on my sleep, wake up early, and drop by the coffee shop for my favorite beverage. The same applied late in the evening when I had to pass by a cafeteria to grab a bite before heading.

I know many people are in this same position out there. The good news is there is the perfect solution for all that. With the best small kitchen appliances that I will list in this post, you will realize that fixing your favorite brew every morning or sleeping in a full stomach every day is no longer a big issue. Read on!

Coffee Maker with Grinder

The coffee maker will help you to prepare your favorite brew with ease. The designs that come with grinders are known to give you finely grounded coffee beans and your favorite flavor in under two minutes. Choose a coffee making machine with the following features.

  • Automatic Systems
  • Auto On/ Off System
  • Preset timers and LCD Screens
  • Milk frother systems
  • Semi-automatic 3-in-1 technology
  • Steel bar grinders
  • Auto temperature settings

You should make sure that you also choose a coffee making machine that has a number of compatible accessories including a precision razor dose trimming tool, stainless steel milk jug, and a water filter holder among other things.

Food Processor

I know a food processor is not everyone’s cup of coffee. But believe it or not, this machine can easily save your day especially if you had to juggle between lots of other activities before starting your day.

The best thing about most food processors today is that they are fully automated and will require the least of your time and presence. In case you want to choose the best food processor for your home starts off by asking the following questions.

  • Does it have intuitive on and off pulse buttons?
  • Does it have a stainless-steel slicing disc?
  • Can I replace the chopping blade?
  • How efficient is the shredding disc?

Most ideal food processors will come with top style mechanisms including work bowls, large feed tubes, large pushers, recipe booklets, and more importantly dishwasher safe parts.


Toasters are for people who want a quick bite with their coffee or smoothies. You could easily toast an egg or loaf and have a simple but delicious breakfast for the morning. Toasters are easy to use and far much affordable than coffee makers.

They work fast and could save you lots of time especially if you are juggling between work, dropping kids at school, and catching up with the bus too. If you have a great toaster, it should have the following features as the basic guide first.

  • Warming rack with brushed stainless-steel design
  • Ability to accommodate thick and thin food slices
  • Double use for different foods such as bread, buns, and waffle
  • Pop up warming rack for reheat and pastry
  • Front lift levers
  • Multiple levels of toasting
  • Defrost function for frozen foods


Apart from the food processor and toaster, another cool kitchen appliance is the blender. This is especially good for people who are on a diet, love smoothies or are working an athletic program.

Blenders are good for getting some of the salads together and forming a smooth drink out of them. For people who love a smoothie in the morning rather than going with coffee brews, buying a blender would be awesome.

A basic blender will go for as low as under 100 USD. You can grab one of your own and have an easy time getting your diet in order. Keep the following in mind when choosing the best blender.

  • The wattage you need (1500-watt blender is ideal).
  • The number of customs made stainless steel blades
  • Multi-functional capacity with the ability to support heavy duty.
  • Presence of pre-programmed settings with additional pulse function
  • Ability to automatically prepare fruit drinks, shakes, sauces, and smoothies
  • FDA approved designs with easy to access control knobs.
  • A dishwasher-safe design


Even in a house of two, missing a mixer is like missing out on one of the best kitchen appliances yet. The mixer is usually very ideal and will come in handy when you want to break the egg, bake a cake, toast, or simply make your blend easy and fast.

For people who are looking for a mixer, going with the best brands might help. However, you may need to have the following choosing tips on hand too.

  • Find a mixer with a multi-purpose attachment hub
  • Get an automated mixer with a direct drive technology
  • Soft start and a variety of speed setting will be ideal.
  • Durable mixing bowl preferable that made out of stainless steel.
  • Different sets of beaters such as coated flat beaters, wire whip, coated dough beater.

Best Small Kitchen Appliances: Smart Consideration When Buying

If you want to buy the best small kitchen appliances for your use, here are a few tips that you must keep in mind.

Your Needs

Your needs top the list; think about what you love the most. Is it coffee, tea, smoothies, or toast bread? Whichever the case you should buy your appliance in line with your type of dietary needs.

The Pricing

Believe it or not, you won’t buy what you cannot afford. Usually, you want to enjoy a set of appliances that you can easily afford. All you need to do is to set a budget and find an appliance that fits in. you can also look out for warranties.

The Design

Today kitchen appliances come with top designs. An automated system with auto on/ off technology and preset preferences will help you to prepare the best bites and brews without having to be physically present. You can hit the shower while your coffee brews. Check for features that suit you.


You no longer have to go through the pain of waking up so early only to reach the coffee shop and get a train long queue. Simply buy your next set of automated small kitchen appliances and have your coffee or loaf at any time when you wish to.

You can always start small and still have the best experience at the end of it all. It worked for me and if you just get that top-rated blender, you would save so much on your smoothies and have a less stressful life to lead. Good luck with the next pick!

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